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Environmental Analaysis Essay

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Environmental Analysis:
Opportunities and threats:
Opportunities and threats faced by the electronic media are vast. If we talk about the opportunities a news channel can have, our country’s unpredictable condition is providing the best thing for it. The situation in Pakistan changes so abruptly that everyone, educated or uneducated, wants to get the latest news every time. Whether it is economic, social, cultural, or political situation Pakistan is so impulsive in it. Moreover, around 65% of the population watches TV in our country so delivering authentic and latest news is the biggest opportunity for news channel holders. Plus Electronic media is fast. When some things happened, it is much faster than the print media. Channel holders can make their programs interactive and entertaining to attract as much audience as they can.
On the other hand, electronic media also face some certain threats and challenges as well. The electronic media needs to make programs believed by audiences. Believability is a feature of electronic media. Another threat is the increasing competition of the channels. Plenty of news channels are developing in this society. The electronic media has to face this, produce more effective and authentic content to reach audience. Credibility, commitment, professionalism have major influence in this field. Media is not only a mirror to show what all is happening in the society, it also acts as an instrument of social change. Its job is to inform and educate the society and act as a medium of communication between the various organs of the society and masses. Its job is to look into the society in all its manifestation with a penetrating eye, reflect noble ideas and expose social evils and help in their eradication.
Safety for Pakistani journalist and media workers
Killings, physical attacks and coercion are constant concerns for many Pakistani journalists, editors, cameramen, other media workers and owners. Violence and threats are serious...

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