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Environment Essay

  • Submitted by: alkatalwar
  • on March 23, 2012
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A very good_______________ to the esteemed guests, members of the Jury, Ladies and Gentlemen and my dear friends.
The planet we live in was created millions of years ago. This was embedded in the universe comprising of the five basic elements- earth, fire, air, sky and water. Heaven’s replica was created by gifting the planet earth with nature, the epitome of beauty and bounteousness. Thanks to the designs and diversities employed in her constituents, perfect harmony and balance between the five elements was created. All the living and non-living had their own food and life cycle for a peaceful and harmonious survival. Among all the creatures, we the human beings were given supreme place by providing logic and intelligence to us. In a way we were destined by nature to be its custodians and to sustain balance and harmony so that everyone could live better.
For a very long time, till recent, our ancestors performed this duty very diligently.   It is extremely important to observe that creation was evolving towards better and improved living.
It is only in the recent past that development has taken place at an explosive pace. It started with the industrial revolution. Initially it maintained balance by replenishing the consumption of natural resources. The industrial revolution gave us comforts and provided solutions to many problems and remained a need based development. It was enjoyable! However, in the middle of the last century it was meddled with and instead of need based progress it got distorted to money earning human greed. This led to consumption and generation of goods and products in utter disproportion to what was actually needed. Man’s greed, his appetite for pelf and prosperity began to grow. Man began to loot nature and pollutes the environment without a thought about the consequences that it would bring. Today, we see so many businesses, small and big, having the basic aim of profits no matter what the adversity is. This set in the generation of...

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