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Envcironmental Hazard Essay

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The Role of Human Resources
University of Phoenix
Jimmie Morgan
August 18, 2011


There are many important roles human resources empower within the sector it may work in. These roles are very important because it helps to create a stable environment within the employees in any company or business. Human Resources play as liaison for all employees that may need assistance with practically within anything that would have to do with that specific company or business. Human resources has been around for many years as has provided the help to all of us at one point or another. Human resources helps provide us with information that relates to our working environment. For example, human resources helps us by provided us with the necessary tools to make our job descriptions more comprehensible and easier to follow. This department is our finance and market backbone for any company or business anywhere globally. With this in mind any human resources in any company whether it is big or small helps us to create that point of contact between the company and employee.
Human Resources just like any other company has come along way in high end technology and has also changed its way in doing things. The different methods and resources that are also provided to human resources are a lot more effective and more sufficient in today’s world. Today’s world had become very high tech and very competitive in its technology and strategy planning for a better outcome. Following these principles and creating new ideas for these principles, it has helped very positively in the assurance of providing the proper assistance to their company employees.
  Human Resources also helps provide new job opportunities and development of a company.

By providing these resources it helps maintain a steady financial stability and a good market mix within the company or any company that has an effective and strong human resources department. The effectiveness of a strong...

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