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Enterprise System Integration Essay

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Enterprise Systems Integration
Enterprise Service Bus  
CITI Mortgage

Table of Contents

I. Why Enterprise Systems integration

II. CITI Mortgage

III. Current Business Issue (Systems integration issue)

IV. Discussion of Proposed Solution

V. Recommendations

I. Reference List

I. Why Enterprise Systems integration
      Enterprises are typically comprised of hundreds, if not thousands, of applications that are custom built, acquired from third party, part of legacy system or a combination thereof, and operating in multiple tiers of different operating system platforms. It is not uncommon to find an enterprise that has 30 different websites, multiple instances of ERP, and countless departmental solutions.

                          All the above-mentioned systems need to communicate each other to fulfill certain business function. Is this architecture is right, how organizations will end up in this spaghetti architecture. For that there is of course and always a valid reason , first of all writing business applications are hard, creating a single big application to run complete business is next to impossible. That is the reason to create a multiple small, medium, or large applications, which focus on specific business domains. The success of an organizations Information technology depends heavily on, how it integrates these isolated systems in harmony.
II. CITI Mortgage
        .CITI Mortgage is a home mortgage divisions of CITI Bank. Being a mortgage company,   CITI Mortgage has to integrate its systems to credit check agencies, Fannie Mae   and Fred Mack,   so systems integration / ESB is an important component of IT infrastructure.

III. Current Business Issue ( Systems integration issue)
      Historically CITI have been used different approaches for systems integration and where     suited for that time and IT architecture. Following are the major systems integrations styles adopted in the past.
(1) File based EDI...

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