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Enron Essay

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In 90s Enron Company is a one of the largest company in America and the company had been selected as “America’s most innovative company” for six straight years from 1996 until 2001. Enron was formed in 1985 when interNorth acquired Houston Natural Gas. Then came the investigations into their complex network of off-shore partnerships and accounting practices. This company is ever the most famous company in the world, but it also is one of companies which fell down too fast. In October 2001, Enron announced as a bankruptcy. In addition to being the largest bankruptcy reorganization in American history at that time, Enron undoubtedly is the biggest audit failure.

The Enron case is extremely complex. Some people   say Enron's demise is rooted in the fact that in 1992, Jeff Skilling, then president of Enron's trading operations, convinced federal regulators to permit Enron to use an accounting method known as "mark to market." Using this method allowed Enron to count projected earnings from long-term energy contracts as current income. This was money that might not be collected for many years. It is thought that this technique was used to inflate revenue numbers by manipulating projections for future revenue. Use of this technique, it’s made difficult to see how the Company make money. Enron wasn’t pay highest prices for taxes because the general tax counsel names Mr. Robert Hermann was told by skilling the accounting method allowed Enron to making money without paying a high tax. Enron buying any new venture that looked promising profit for them.   They also invested in project that proved too risky and they were unable to keep with the debt obligation. When the telecom industry went down, The Company of Enron also suffered. After that, analysis business trying to explored about Enron financial situation. The deals was so complicated and no one can describes what is legal and...

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