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Engr 102- Essay

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ENGR 102- Winter 2011

Freshman Engineering Design Lab

Lego NXT Autonomous Robotics

ENGR 102 Section 002, Group 05
Date: March 03, 2011

Submitted to: David Augenblick and Manuel Figueroa

Team Members:


The Robot design module incorporates the concepts of closed, loop control, algorithm design, and sensor/actuator interface. Students are given the task of designing, building and programming a robot that could navigate an arena, press blue buttons, and avoid red buttons. During the process of design of robot and program students become acquainted with the Lego NXT Mindstorm programming language, as well as with the function and calibration of NXT sensors. Students also gained an appreciation for the ability and limitations of the NXT sensors. During the course of this module, the group determined the best method and design towards the end of navigating the arena and interacting with the blue buttons. The group decided to have the robot rely upon line following to maintain its course, utilizing the light and ultrasonic sensor (both mounted on the front of the robot) to avoid walls and navigate corners. The color sensor was mounted on the right side of the robot to identify the blue buttons in the arena. An arm was also mounted to the right side of the robot parallel to interact with the buttons. During evaluation runs, the robot managed to press nine out of fifteen blue buttons. The robot was deemed to be relatively successful.  


1. Introduction

    The objective of this module was to give students the opportunity to learn the basics behind the concepts of closed loop control, algorithm design,   and a sensor/actuator interface.   From the lab, the example for the use of these concepts is robotics.The concepts of closed loop control, algorithm design, and sensor/actuator interface can be applied to the disciplines of Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. The task given to students was to...

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