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English Paper

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  • on March 24, 2012
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Section A
Read the following passage carefully and answer the following questions. (25 marks)

When a substance that is not usually dangerous for people causes some folks to cough, sneeze, or itch we say that those people are allergic to something. For example, most people can walk through a flower garden without any problem at all, but someone who is allergic to the pollen in the flower discover that their eyes water, their nose run, their throat scratches and they want to sneeze whenever they pass a   garden. In fact, some people are so bothered by allergies that they do not enjoy spending any time outside at all. Even the fresh air that comes through an open window in spring might cause trouble for someone with severe allergies.
There are many things that can cause allergies for people including pets, insect bites, foods, medicine and plants. But the most common type of allergy involves sensitivity to pollen. Pollen is a fine dust that is released by blooming plants. Trees, grasses and flowers all produce pollen at certain times of the year. We say that those plants are pollinating. The pollen can be carried by the wind, or by insects and it is important for helping the plants to form new seeds to grow new plants.
Unfortunately, many people are allergic to pollens from some plants, so they experience all of the unpleasant symptoms listed above when ever those particular plants are pollinating. The most common time of year for pollination to occur is during the spring. Pollen allergies are such a big problem that many TV weather forecasts include a “pollen report” so that allergic people will know what to expect.
Some people can control springtime allergies by taking certain kinds of drugs that stop their bodies from reacting to the pollen in the air. Some of the medicines are available at the drugstore, and a doctor must prescribe others. Even though spring is a beautiful time of the year, people with seasonal allergies are often glad to see it come to an...

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