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English Oral Essay

  • Submitted by: kerwincafun
  • on March 22, 2012
  • Category: English
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My topic today is the much discussed topic, introducing harsher dog laws and penalties, for dogs and both owners.
Neighbours scared to leave their kids outside in the yard, doors are constantly locked and with a general fear in the community, would you want to live day to day like this? For some it has become a way of life. With an average of 63 dog attacks per week in Victoria, it is no wonder why there is a huge outcry of action to be taken to prevent further incidents.
Socially this matter hits close to home for many members of local communities with 80 complaints were made about aggressive dogs, up from 58 the year before. It resulted in the council successfully prosecuting 18 people in court, with many more dealt with through penalty notices.
On average 9 attacks on humans a day from different dogs a day in our state. All of this is definitely taking its toll on the health status of our council/city region. The most dangerous dog which recorded the most attacks was the pit-bull, in which, over a 4 month period recorded over 50 attacks on people in Victoria, the part which angers the council leaders was the fact that only 2 were registered. The after effect of these attacks plays on the mental trauma which can last a life time.
Under previous economic legislation, dog owners were charged with their dogs attacks, and were slapped on the wrist with a $4500 fine and that was it. The money side of dog registration plays a factor in saying that since the owner can’t afford to register these dogs that maybe you are unfit to be the sole owner for these animals. Without training these dogs become undisciplined and tend to cause these attacks.
A comment from the Baillieu Government states ‘’ From now we will treat owners of dangerous, uncontrolled dogs In the same manner in the law that it treats capable drivers, and if your dog endangers someone YOU will be held accountable – jail terms won’t be a second option ‘’ There are 260,000 unregistered dogs in the...

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