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English Essay

  • Submitted by: DaveSmoove
  • on April 15, 2015
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David Musmar
Michael Baker
ENG 1302
2 February 2015
Literacy in Our Everyday Lives
Literacy is the ability to read and write in the English language. Literacy has been used over the years with language, numbers and all sorts of accumulating stuff. Many nations are not familiar with scholarship, and those countries are underdeveloped. Civilizations adapt from literacy today.
I know a literacy event when I see it because when I am playing basketball that is a literacy practice and practicing my shots or running on a treadmill to keep my conditioning up when I am running on the court is also my literacy practice. One major Literacy Event that I always viewed is us living for example we eat, and we drink to live everybody knows that. However, we practice on diets or we practice sculpting our body for the upcoming track meet. So you see where the literacy event comes in the picture, and that is playing in games where people observe and pay attention to my game. Another literacy development would be playing a instrument in band and practicing the instrument countless amount of hours and days. My literacy event would be when people come watch me at concerts. I see literacy events every day throughout my life, and that could be professors teaching lectures or lunch lady at work. Basketball is really a good literacy practice because people observe and you engage in conversations with other people that are there. Driving could be another literacy practice because people look at signs and observe the roads and other people on the road whether it is at a street or highway. It can be compared to a discourse community in other people’s eyes.

My theory of literacy is just common knowledge that I use in my life. From telling apart colors or knowing what’s left or what’s right. I meant to say like knowing which way is left or right. I believe caveman’s have used literacy or even as early as when dinosaurs were around. So it is not just us here 20th century that are using...

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