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English Essay

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  • on April 3, 2014
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  “The Future of Reading and Writing” which is written by Karen Bromley. First, Mr. Karen introduce the reading and writing’s evolution, then he discussed more and more people to use digital text instead of using pens, pencils and papers. Mr. Karen also pointed out the advantage and disadvantage if the e-books replace traditional books. Mr. Karen also go through detail about the speech will displace the activity of writing. (P15) At last, the author present a real question, what will the teacher face if traditional reading and writing were shifted to digital literacy.                
  The author thinks pens, pencils, and paper will be collector’s items. With the history of reading and writing had already about 50000 to 100000 years ago. But with the evolve of reading and writing, pens, pencils, and paper will fade away,followed by digital text. According to the research of Zickuhr and Smith (2012), the number of people who used computer is increasing. People fund that the computer is more efficient to finish the work than by human. The computer only takes .03 of a second for the story to be generated. So Reuters and Bloomberg using the computer programs to replace people in the newsroom.
  Meanwhile, Mr. Karen considers the electronic communication will be a collaborative, social Activity. (Karen Bromley). Now, in our daily life the smart phone is indispensable. We use the Facebook on smart phone to communication with friends, also use the YouTube to watch the videos. If we absorb all the information and knowledge form E-books rather than from the paper copy of a journal. We will lose the opportunity to discover things we weren’t intentionally searching for as we browse a paper text. (P6). Moreover, using too much digital products would trigger negative outcomes. Like, sensory overload, eyestrain, hunched shoulders and so on. Nowadays, E-books had already become a tendency. In order to follow this tendency libraries, books, magazines, newspapers,...

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