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English 101 Essay

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  • on April 1, 2014
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Professor Pollio
English 101
March 24

The Truman Show Questions

First Page:

1. The character of Truman Burbank is one of a man, living the seemingly perfect life, naive of what is really happening around him. He is an unassuming man who became known worldwide for his reality show, The Truman Show. Truman is a very friendly and good hearted person trapped in his lie of a life.

3. If the audience can be considered another "character in the film" I would describe them as slaves to the media. Most people who watch The Truman Show revolve their entire lives around the life of Truman and spend hours watching the show. They sit in front of their tvs watching Truman live his life being a slave himself to the creators of the show who controlled his life. I believe these people have disturbing values in life to support that show.

6. The products being sold in the movie is a an advertising strategy for companies in the real world that Truman lives in. Truman is completely unaware at first when his "friends" or his "wife" begin describing products to the audience. At one point Truman realizes that his "wife" sounds ridiculous describing a product at a random moment in their conversation and he begins to catch on that something is not right.

9. The Truman Show as an allegory is trying to explain a few things about our society. In the point of view of Truman the allegory is trying to explain that many people in America believe they are living a free life, just as Truman believed, but in reality we have a higher force that controls everything we do. When Truman says he's being spontaneous and Cristoff does not allow any "unpredictable behavior" this is saying that the government allows you to believe in this concept of America being a free country when in reality we have many restrictions. In the point of view of audience of "The Truman Show" the allegory is pointing out the control of the media in our society. Just as the audience in the film the media...

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