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Ender's Game Essay

  • Submitted by: cwt5050
  • on April 15, 2015
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Ender’s Game

On the surface Ender’s Game is a straightforward science fiction book set in the future about humanity overcoming an alien race. The book is set after humanity’s first war with the aliens in which the people of Earth narrowly defeat the invading force. After this near cataclysmic encounter with the alien race humanity comes together to create the International Fleet, a force of highly advanced spaceships with the mission of destroying the alien race’s home planet in order to ensure the safety of the human race. In order to accomplish this the I.F. creates a screening system for potential future commanders that monitors children on Earth and identifies children with the desired traits so that they may be pulled for a series of specialized trainings in order to groom them for the impending battles to come.
It is this choice to make the majority of the main protagonists children that makes this book so uniquely suited for the introductory level of the CMC reading list. Throughout the book the main characters, and in turn the reader, are introduced to a myriad of concepts that pertain to warfighting in an easy to understand and relatable way. This, along with the book’s compelling storyline and interesting world, make it easy for young Marines who may not have much experience analyzing books to engage in analytical reading and provides a springboard for future readings. Additionally the book lays out key concepts such as leadership, training, and ethics of warfighting organizations that are important for young Marines still transitioning into a real life warfighting organization to understand and comprehend.
There are many potential takeaways from this book but the main question raised at the end is undoubtedly the most important, especially given the nature of our current day conflicts. At the end of the book after the near complete destruction of the alien race, it is revealed the entire conflict between the two species was based on a...

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