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Enc 1102 Essay

  • Submitted by: Natispoop1
  • on April 16, 2015
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Natalie Paba                                                                                                             February 5, 2015
ENC 1102                                                                                                             Professor Schwartz
The Horse-Dealer’s Daughter
When I first began reading this very peculiar love story about Mabel and Jack and how saving her from her death brought their love together, I was left feeling very odd. I couldn’t help but contemplate about why Jack suddenly felt love towards her. It was obvious why she threw herself onto him, but I couldn’t quite pinpoint why the feeling became mutual. After much examination, I came to the conclusion that he must’ve told her he loved her because Mabel kept insisting that he loved her, Jack could have felt responsible for her after saving her and last but not least, he was probably afraid that she would attempt suicide again if she were rejected. I don’t believe any of this happened to be true love.
To begin with, I think Jack told Mabel he loved her because she kept insisting that he loved her. Mabel believed that just because Jack saved her life and took off her clothes and took care of her, that he must love her. She had to have been so caught up with the fact that for the first time in a long time she felt cared about and to Jack it was just him doing his duty as a doctor. Even though he was sick and couldn’t swim, he saved her life because that’s what he does for a living but to her it meant so much more. She immediately felt like she needed him.
This brings me to my next reason; I believe that Jack told Mabel he loved her because after saving her life, he felt responsible for her. Mabel was lonely; she had no home, no job, nobody to care for her. Jack, on the other hand, was a successful doctor and considered more high class. If he were to just support her until she was in good condition again, then where would he leave her? He couldn’t just throw...

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