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En Bra Föreläsning Av Någon Annan Essay

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  • on April 15, 2015
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Below is an essay on "En Bra Föreläsning Av Någon Annan" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

FRL#4 – Team dynamics and team member profiling part 2

Team dynamics – people are inclined to favor either
  * content: their own system of competencies, skills, attitudes (team management)
  * processes: the relationships within the team (team building)
For a successful teams both are needed.

Team life-cycles: every team has a two-dimension life cyle
  1. Cycle of activities – rational dimension related to the content, linked to the achievement of organizational goals

  2. Cycle of relationship – emotional dimension related to processes, linked to relational dynamics

Making the team -> p. 187-207

Team decision-making pitfalls
  1. Group think – occurs when team members place consensus above all other priorities, including using good judgment.
To avoid group think:
  * monitor team size
  * face-savings mechanisms, risk techniques, devil’s advocate, problem solving
  * different perspectives (importance of “plant” and ”diverger” profiles)
  2. Social loafing
  * the “rope-pulling” experiment
  * people in groups often do not work as hard as they do when alone
  * linked to team size

  3. Escalation of commitment – persisting with a losing course of action, even in the face of clear evidence to the contrary (for graph, see next page)

  4. The Abilene paradox (consensus at all cost)
  * Pluralistic ignorance: group members adopt a position they feel other members desire it
  * Team members don’t challenge one another because they want to avoid conflict
  * Self-limiting behavior
  * Techniques to avoid it: devil’s advocate, carful listening
  5. Group polarization
  * Tendency for group discussion to intensify group opinion, producing extreme judgment
  * Conformity pressure -> Asch effect
  6. Unetichal decision making
  * Enabled by:
  * Rational expectation models
  * False consensus
  * Vicarious Licensing
  * How to avoid it:

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