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Empower Essay

  • Submitted by: beccalynn1563
  • on April 17, 2015
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Empowerment in Retail
In a service team atmosphere such as retail, how may a team leader best empower their team? This question can be answered better if one understands the definition of empowerment. According to (Merriam Webster), empowerment is “to give official authority or legal power to (someone).” Levi states, “Empowerment in a workplace refers to the process of giving employee more power and control over their work,” (p. 138). In more simple terms empowerment is giving employees’ the ability to make decisions without management approval, but expect them to be accountable for their decisions. Empowerment is sometimes based on the idea that you must be a good leader to empower your employees. But in reality it is actually a good leader that assists employees to become quality leaders themselves. The leaders are just coaches sharing the wealth. These leaders by empowering they are being a transformational leader themselves. Leaders are expected to help employees to improve success on the job by utilizing training procedures, giving support and advice. This will then motivate the employees and give them job satisfaction and build a strong following for the organization.   Management sometimes feel they are having less power, but instead this is building confidence and giving inspiration and assertion and support which leads to a more loyal employee. In retail it is very profitable for the organization to have knowledgeable, loyal, and empowered employees. Customer satisfaction increases which increases profits for everyone.
After some research this conclusion has been reached. Empowerment has been present since the beginning of time. Leaders of all levels such as military leaders, government officials, leaders in schools, leaders in all aspects of life, and even parents have always been encouraging others to do their best to meet a particular goal and be responsible for their actions. An example would be a mother encouraging her son...

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