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Employee Motivation Essay

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Employee motivation is an intricate and sophisticated subject; however, contemporary managers must face and deal with this topic to obtain organizational success. To enhance understanding of employee motivation, mangers must recognize the imperativeness of employee motivation, its concepts, and differences in individual needs. Subsequently, managers need to be aware of a variety of employee motivational factors and the changes in priorities of these factors over time. Moreover, managers have to learn previous or current motivational programs, examples, and theories behind them because understanding of these fundamentals can enhance their ability to identify rewards systems that can be matched with employee needs. This paper also concludes that the understanding process of employee motivation requires a systematic approach, so that managers will be able to follow these processes one-step at a time and return to a specific section to verify their comprehension. For instance, managers must understand the significance of employee motivation before proceeding further because managers as employees should have reasons to prompt their actions. Increasing production and decreasing employee absenteeism or employee turnover are some of the reasons that motivate mangers to proceed to next step. Recognition of the significance will cause managers to pursue understanding of motivation concepts to learn and realize individual differences. The understanding of individual differences is the most complex component of this process because managers have to deal with human behavior, which often seems unpredictable and irrational; in addition, human beings often act from emotions rather than with reason (Mosley, Pietri, and Megginson 1996, p. 362). However, without a complete understanding of this vital element of employee motivation, managers may design and develop motivators that reward wrong behaviors or motivators that do not affect employee motivation at all. Recognizing individual...

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