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Employability Skills Essay

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P 1.1 reflect on own current skills and competencies as IT manager against professional standards set by BCS such as SFIAplus or personal and professional development plan or similar and how you contribute towards as an individual employee of Aldi to meet their organizational objectives

P 1.2 evaluate own development needs as an IT manager at Aldi and the activities required to meet them
P 1.3 devise a personal and professional development plan includes such as current performance, future needs, SWOT based on identified needs as IT manager.                        

P 1.4 reflects on own development as an IT Manager at Aldi against original aims and objectives set in your personal and professional development plan.

P 2.1 communicate in a variety of styles   such as verbal and non-verbal , openness and responsiveness and appropriate manner   such as personal effectiveness, various levels   such as forma   working with others at l feedback to and from colleagues ,and informal at Aldi.

P 2.2 demonstrate effective time management strategies such as adopted prioritizing workloads; setting work objectives; using time effectively; making and keeping appointments and reliable estimates of task time by IT Manager role in Aldi.

P 3.1 analyse team dynamics such as   informal and formal settings; discussing the roles people play in a team specialist roles, such as skill and style/approach mixes and how they can work together such as team building, identity, loyalty and commitment to shared beliefs to achieve shared goals in Aldi

P 3.2 discusses alternative ways to complete tasks such as setting standards, motivating, innovative and responsive and achieve team goals in Aldi

P 4.1 review tools and methods such as timescale, stages, resources and critical path analysis for developing solutions to problems in the selected organization (Aldi
P 4.2 develop an appropriate strategy for resolving a...

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