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Emotions & Affect Assignment Essay

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Emotions & Affect Assignment

  Everyone is born different, because we grow up in a different environment may have very different early experiences. People who grow up in different environments will have their cultural differences, and caused each different character and personality. So, It’s safe to say that individual differences may cause different intelligence quotient and different emotional intelligence.

  Now, we all know that high Intelligence quotient can’t guarantee of success, happiness, or virtue, but until Emotional Intelligence comes out, an increasing percent of the population begins to get more interested in the idea of emotional intelligence and EI is now much commented upon in the academic and popular media. Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions and most of us think the emotionally intelligent person is more likely to succeed in life because of his or her ability to understand others, communicate with others, motivate and learn from others, also, the Emotionally intelligent person makes a good impression on others and is able to earn their trust and respect.

  As an assignment, our group took a survey yesterday to explore what kinds of emotional intelligence do we have. The following are our feedback: We all think some parts of the survey can representation of our EI, but some are not. For example, Ashley found her results to be spot on which kind of shocked her. She thinks that both of the Big 5 and the EQ test are completely described her. The only issue she has is with the Motivation test. It scored her at a 7 which is moderately low need for achievement which she does not agree with, because she strives to achieve tasks every day, so she doesn’t know why the results came out that way. However, Kerrie have different idea on her results. She thinks that these exams were very realistic and did coincide with her emotional competencies, but In Big 5 she was confused about the item...

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