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Emma's Parlor Essay

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P. Nebeker, MGT 2100, SU11, Case 9

Facts:   Emma worked long hard hours as an intensive care nurse.   After several years she had a bad case of burn out.   She felt that buying a 1870’s vintage cottage and opening a tea house was the answer to her burn out.   She earned glowing reviews in   guidebooks because she spent time to track down and test recipes for finger sandwiches, scones, jams and Battenburg cake.   Emma became fascinated by the medicinal benefits of herbal teas.   She began making her own blends of tea and selling them to retail stores, restaurants and over the web.   This happened just at the right time because Specialty tea’s had taken off as a new business.   The web business was a success with high profit margins.   Emma took great pride in decorating the tea house and spent many long hours at work.   Emma realized that the special events that she organized and publicized was a big hit .   The tea house employed about 20 people. The Web business grew generating slightly less revenue than she was realizing from the tearoom.   Emma see’s that the business is getting to large for her to handle .Again Emma is feeling the burn out and is wondering whether to drop the tea house and focus on the Web business or vice versa.   She could turn it over to an experienced manager   or possibly just sell it . Or close both business’s and just relax.

Issue:   Emma is   facing burn out in her nursing career. She buys a cottage which she turns into a tea house. She spends time planning the décor of the cottage for her special events. Emma began making her own special blend of tea’s to sell over the web. This takes a large amount of time in research and testing.   Emma now has a hectic schedule of running the tea house, planning special events, and preparing and selling her specialty teas in the shop as well as on the website business .   Once again Emma is feeling the burn out

Possible Alternatives:   (1) Emma could possibly drop   the tearoom and focusing on the Internet...

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