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Emily Dickinson + Beloning Essay Breakdown

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  • on March 21, 2012
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Belonging Essay
It is highly evident that feeling we belong is not something that is achieved permanently. Instead a sense of belonging is a continual response to changing situations. Unexpected twists and turns can throw us off the path we follow and make us question where we truly belong now. The Poems ‘i had been hungry all the years’, and ‘I gave myself to him’ by Emily Dickinson and the film ‘Never let me go’
I gave myself to him –
• ‘the Isles of spice/the subtle cargoes lie’   - metaphor for unknown benefits of committing to love.
• Persona reflects on benefits + difficulties in committing love to another person.
• Attitude; idea of love is like fiction.
• allude to the idea that with   any gain comes sacrifice
Song what it means in terms of belonging
Belonging shattered by hand scene, coupled with knowledge her life will be cut short. . + statue crying symbolic of inner turmoil, comparison between Kath and statue,

Storm, gloom, foreshadowing that something bad would happen.

Not belonging
Window scene, outcasts of society on the outside looking in, longing for something more, technique juxtaposition between on the inside of window and the ‘nothingness’ on the outside.
Hungry all the years –
• I looked in the windows for the wealth/ I could hope not for mine.
• The letting go of what she thought she wanted that finally brings a sense of belonging.
• Attitude; sense of poets acceptance of little in her life has lead to alienation.

The letting go of what she thought she wanted that finally brings a sense of belonging

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