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Emergency Bottleneck Essay

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Emergency Department Bottleneck Proposal
University of Phoenix
OPS/HC 571
January 23, 2012

Middletown Hospital Bottleneck Proposal
In the United States today, receiving quality health care is a challenge. Over the years the challenges in health care have been improving the public health care system, keeping cost under control, improving access and coverage, encouraging healthy behavior, improving quality, strengthening the health workforce, addressing social determinants of health,   and encouraging more realistic expectations (Jonas, Knickman, & Kovner, 2008). These challenges concern many health care organizations because of what could happen if the issues are not managed properly. This proposal is to help Middletown Hospital operate efficiently and provide the best quality of care and safety to their patients. Because Middletown Hospital has been receiving a large number of complaints about long waits for care and poor service from 6:00-10:00 p.m., the chief executive officer (CEO) has authorized a Six Sigma Team to analyze root causes and provide recommendations for improvement. This proposal will also explain the purpose of the process improvement proposal, check a process improvement method to identify the bottleneck, provide a description of data collected and the collection methods, identify methods to analyze the bottleneck, analyze scheduling and controlling techniques, and to make recommendations on staffing or alternative sources of care.
Purpose of Process Improvement Proposal
The purpose of the process improvement is to give operational managers and health care organizations the ability to work toward operational excellence.   Operations management professionals should always be on the lookout for ways to improve operational processes.   According to Langabeer, (2008) improvement of processes leads to better outcomes, reduced cost, and shorter cycle times (pg. 75).   To achieve these process improvements, it is important to use the right...

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