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Electricity Essay

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Ana Morales
September 30, 2014

If all the electricity in the world suddenly stopped I can honestly say I would go crazy. After analyzing exactly what electricity means to, not only me, but the entire world. I do not know how our ancestors survived before electricity was invented.
Considering the fact that almost everything needs electricity to operate, I will focus on   something basic. The phone. The phone today has become like an appendage of the body, permanently stuck to our hands. It guides us through our everyday lives. It is used as an alarm to wake up. A weather predictor that helps us decide what to wear according to what the weather is going to be like. It takes the place of phone calls, sending a quick text to let your loved ones know you are alive, awake, and well. It guides us with its GPS, helping us to avoid traffic jams, construction, and accidents, allowing us to get to work/school/appointments on time. It helps us plan our meals, if we are on a diet. It keeps all of our contacts recorded, because our brains are way too occupied to remember all of those needed, and many unneeded numbers.
With all of that being said, if we did not have electricity to charge our cell phones, we would be lost. Sure we could probably set one of those old fashioned alarms, that go off by ringing two little bells located on top of the clock, but honestly, who knows how to work those things? We could also look outside, glance at the sky and try to predict the weather for the day. Doing so would lead us to wearing some nice open toe shoes, only to get our feet soaking wet when an unexpected rain shower caught us on your way into the office/school/appointment. We could chance it and take the short cut to work or school, only to find out that there is a construction truck blocking the road, and sit in traffic for an extra 20 minutes. We could try to track our meals, old school, on a daily planner, writing down all the calories consumed. However, this would have to be...

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