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Effective Commuication Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on April 18, 2015
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Explain what is meant by “effective communication” with reference to theories of communication
Effective communication is verbal speech or finding other ways of sending information that gets you point across. This is Verbal or signed interaction from two or more people where everyone is communicating listening and understood. So that they can answer and respond to the person. Effective communication is not just about talking and listening it’s also about body language that’s the way someone holds themselves when they are communicating with someone. This also counts by tone of voice. For example when you talk in clear and simple voice or using sign language of different methods to get the message through to the other person clearly and can’t be misinterpreted; without there being any misunderstanding for people with hearing/talking impairments. Bruce Tuckman thinks and has made a belief that there are 4 main stages to his development model; forming where the members of the groups are just starting to group together and form as a group. Storming, where some individual members if the group start to not want to do a certain activity and play that part in the group or join into that activity. Norming is the stage of when the group has become 1 and are able to work sensibly in a group all getting on and running smoothly and performing is when the group is finally able to work as part of a proper group with 100% commitment and they accomplish tasks. This could be used in a care setting because if the person in this example Charlie brown from the given scenario that is being cared for has severe hearing difficulties and difficulties with his speech. The carers need to know how to deal with this as part of a team for example using exaggerated facial expression and body language to show them how your feeling or to make the feel comfortable around that or maybe even get someone in that can do sign language that can coordinate effectively with that person and make sure the...

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