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Education As a Lifelong Process Essay

  • Submitted by: magictale
  • on March 24, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Nowadays, education has become the topic which has caused much discussion as well as much controversy. But what is education in today’s society? Our response to this may vary with our own understandings. Some people may cling to the idea that education means going to schools or colleges. In their eyes, people turn to education just for securing good jobs and guaranteeing a life-long steadiness. However, I think the real purpose of the education is far away from the above ones. Such conception of education has been outdated and no longer accepted by our society. Personally, I side with the opinion that education is a life-long process, for the new concept of education makes more sense to modern people.
As soon as we come to the world, we begin the process of studying: learning to communicate with others and understanding the world. Everyday we take in a lot of new things. Then we come to school and continue to receive the education. We attend classes, acquiring theoretical knowledge which we may apply into practical use when we grow up and enter the society. When graduating from the university and coming into the society, a large number of people think this process is finished and they tend to live under the illusion that they had completed their education, but it is not true. Actually, they are still in the primary stage of life-long education. Just as the old saying goes, “learning has no end.”
With the rapid development of science and technology, one will fail to keep pace with social changes if he is satisfied with his status quo and refuses to learn more. So it is more necessary to improve ourselves to adapt to the development of the society. Education should be in every part of our life. So even after our graduation from school and university, we still need to study. When entering the society, we listen to the direction of skilled workers and obtain the working experience; we endeavor to shoulder our responsibility and remedy the mistakes we’ve committed; we...

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