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Editorial On Environmentalists Essay

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Our group researched the Environmentalist point of view on global warming for the hot politics research project.   The Environmentalists strongly believe that we are the ones that are responsible for causing global warming.   Our use of carbon-based energy sources are layering the atmosphere with a form of carbon compounds known as greenhouse gasses.   Scientists believe this is the major cause of global warming because the greenhouse gasses traps in the global temperature, which would normally have dispersed back into the outer space.   Governmental action needs to be taken now, to save as much of the climate change as possible.
Before researching for this project, my opinion was based off the opinions I have heard about global warming.   Most of the time, I have heard that global warming was based off the earth’s natural cycles.   The man I heard that from sounded very strong about his opinion, therefore I thought he was probably very knowledgeable and I naturally assumed he was correct.   While I was researching for the Environmentalists, I found that this group felt very strong about their opinion as well, so I did more research about the atmosphere and how greenhouse gasses affect the climate change.   The results of the research threw me completely opposite of my previous thoughts about global warming.   The fact that we have records of the average temperature of the earth, and it suddenly spiking the last century, really proves that global warming is man-made.  
I started to think about the opposing view, and figured I may be forming an opinion based off knowing half the argument again.   I researched the opposing view of Environmentalists and read about their views to gain insight.   After reading their opinions and “facts”, I still believe strongly that global warming is man-made.   Opposing views would say that the warming of the earth is due to natural fluctuating temperatures of the earth based off the same graph of past temperatures.   Though it doesn’t explain...

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