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Edgar Allen Poe Essay

  • Submitted by: CodyCox98
  • on April 16, 2015
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The Fear in Edgar Allen Poe “Never bet the devil my head”

Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Just like if you’re walking out in the woods and you are nervous that something is going to get you. People face fear every day. Whether if you are scared to ask out a girl, or do outstanding on a quiz or test, etc.
In the story of “Never Bet the Devil Your Head” it uses tons of examples for Fear! Just reading the title of the story well already tells you it has fear in it. The story does have fear like from the abusive mom and the bridge and the old man. A lot of story writers use fear to give the reader a little adrenalin rush just for the excitement.
Toby Dammit was young when he died. He had a friend which was the narrator of this story. Toby dammit was always beat by his mom with her “left” hand. Toby was scared of her when she beated him. Toby then started doing bad things because of this and started to cuss and swearing a lot. Toby then started using the phrase “I’ll bet the devil my head’ when he bet on something.
The narrator which is Toby’s friend where walking out and they came to this particular bridge the only thing is, is that the bridge is scary. It is very dark because it has little windows and it is very overgrow with plants.
When Toby and his friend get to the end of the bridge and they come to a turnstile and Toby makes a bet with his friend that he could jump mover it and then he says the words “I’ll bet the devil my head” and as soon as he said that a strange little man appeared right beside them. For this was really scary in a way if he just came out of nowhere. Also it is scary when Toby ran over to him and his head is gone. Then Toby’s friend paid for his funeral and they wouldn’t pay him back so he dung the body up and sold it for dogs meat.
These are all the fears in Edgar Allen Poe story “Never bet the devil your head”. Fear gives you adrenalin for...

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