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Edgar Allen Poe Essay

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  • on April 15, 2015
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Edgar Allen Poe Biography
In Boston, Massachusetts - January 19th, 1808 the "Father of the detective
story" was born. Edgar Allen Poe wrote short stories, he was also a poet, and a critic. Most of
Poe's stories were tales of mystery and horror. At the age of eighteen Poe published poems and
his first book "Tamberlane." Poe is named "Father of the detective story" because he wrote the
first real detective story, most of his work was about mysteries anyway. For that, Poe has
captured the imagination and interest of readers around the world.
Edgar Allan Poe's parents were both actors and he was barely around
them. Poe's father left the family early and his mother passed away from tuburculoses when he
was only three years old. Poe then moved in with the Allan's. The Allan's were pleased with Poe's
brilliant scholarship and athletic ability but later on he became irresponsible with his money and
became rude. John Allan got Poe into West Point when he dropped out of college. Poe didn't
want to stay in West Point so he tried to get out so he could write full time, but John Allan
refused. Poe then refused to go to meetings. John then stopped supporting him and Peo ended up
leaving. When Poe left he decided to move in with his Aunt Maria Clemm and his cousin
Virginia. Poe ended up marrying Virginia when she was only thirteen years old. Virginia was a
literary inspiration to Poe. Virginia had tuburculoses for six years and passed away in 1847.
When Virginia passed away Poe broke down, he drank more but still
wrote. Poe worked for a magazine called "Southern Literary Messanger," and develope a
reputation as a cut-throat critic, he wrote visious reviews of his contemporaries. Poe's
relationship was strained with the public because of his aggresive reviewing style, combative
personality, and his problem with alcohol. His career was then departured. He was then found
delirious two years later in a tavern in Baltimore on a rainy...

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