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Economic Forecasting Essay

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Below is an essay on "Economic Forecasting" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Economic Forecasting
Many websites are available to gather historical economic data.   These sites provide information useful in forecasting things such as GDP, unemployment rates, and interest rates.   Information provided can be either quantitative or qualitative data.   Each of the sites that are listed below can and did provide valuable information in forecasting data.
Library of Economics and Liberty:
This site is a U.S. Data Source.   The primary sources are government and private agencies collecting and maintaining raw data services.   Library of Economics and Liberty is a site that will provide monthly articles, daily blogs, weekly economic podcasts and information on works in history along with the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.
World Economic Outlook Database:
This site contains the Assumptions and Data Conventions. This site provides the most frequently asked questions from the WEO database consistent with the data published in the World Economic Outlook. World Economic Outlook Database in conjunction with the International Monetary Fund provides information that includes the macroeconomic indicators, such as GDP, inflation, current account and fiscal balance of countries across the world "International Monetary Fund" (2013).
Trading Economics:
  This site will give you the information on the actual, previous, highest, lowest, forecast, date, units, and frequency of the GDP. Trading Economics will be useful to get accurate data that includes “historical, economic indicators, stock market indexes, government bond yields and commodity prices. “Trading Economics" (2013).
The U.S. Farm Report:
        This site can give you the GDP of cattle, agriculture reports, legacy projects, farm journal and how the crops of the U.S. crops and cattle prices are affected. The U.S. Farm Report will be valuable to get data on how the crops and cattle prices are affected....

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