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Economic Environment Essay

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Studying economics data is essential for the success of any firm.   Once you observe any esteemed corporations, they are the ones that efficiently analyze and apply economic data to their benefit.   When examining economic figures, one must analyze the latest economic trends, success or failures of the competition, and the cost of labor.

Examining economic trends is a necessity for firms across the globe.   If a corporation begins releasing Windows PC’s, but Mac computers are on the upward trend, they will have little success.   This is a product of economic trends.   One must analyze what products are in high demand. Many products cannot simply be sold year-round with constant success.   When taking a look at the clothing industry, they cannot sell sweatshirts in the summer season as they do not comply with the seasonal trend.   Therefore, clothing and apparel companies must study the market to predict the possible success of an upcoming product as well as gauge interest in future products.

The success or failure of competing firms is a strong method to avoid a possible volatile market.   Entering a market that may already be or heading on a downward spiral surely will equate to failure for an entering firm.   The same applies for entering an overly saturated market.   If competitors stock prices have down trailed consistently for a lengthy period of time then it may be a risk worth avoiding as the existing market is likely on the downturn.   A similar decision would need to be made should competitor’s stock prices drop heavily each time a new competitor enters the market as this signals and overly saturated market.   Studying and analyzing competitors prior to entering the market is a cost-effective method of avoiding risk.

Profits and expenses are the two main figures that firms must keep tabs on.   However the largest expense that many firms have is the cost of labor.   A companies expense of labor needs to be kept in close eye as an increase in the cost of labor...

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