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Economic Analysis Business Profile

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Dana Humke
ECON 528
Industrial Analysis Project Outline

Intro: The Boot Camp Gym
Discuss the history of the gym, started by Chad Skinner in 2010, his background, inspiration to start the business and expansion in the last year to include more branches of the initial program and another related side-business.

Market Structure

  * Number of Firms
Fast Fitness Boot Camp has few genuine substitutes in the surrounding area do to its specific program/business model but there are a number of closely related gyms, as well as gyms that offer completely different options but are centers for fitness nonetheless.

  * Industry Concentration
Fast Fitness Boot Camp has a prominent marketshare of the demographic it caters to (middle aged adults with a significant amount of weight to lose). However, its portion of the market for adults of all ages and abilities looking to workout is relatively small (due to number of other firms, location, marketing efforts, etc.)

  * Technological and Cost Conditions
Fast Fitness Boot Camp could be considered in the middle of the pack as far as technological conditions. “Boot Camp” is a structure of working out that was especially popular in the last decade. While still effective, the fad of the name has decreased. The gym itself is also a smaller space and is in the process of expanding to include more equipment that cutting edge gym-goers desire.

  * Cost conditions
Cost conditions for Fast Fitness Boot Camp are low. While the rent for the space is high due to the demand for commercial property in Edwardsville, other fixed and variable costs are low.

  * Demand Conditions
Demand for fitness outlets in the area is high. The large amount of adults struggling with being overweight/obese and weight loss today lends itself to continued need and thus demand for Fast Fitness’ services.

  * Ease of Entry/Exit
It is difficult to enter this market due to high start-up costs, industry concentration and...

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