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Ebp and Hand Hygiene Essay

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EBP and Hand Hygiene
HLSC122 Inquiry into Health Care

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is a method which, when used correctly, can assist nurses and other health care professionals to reach accurate conclusions regarding the appropriate action to take in the workplace. EBP can be a useful tool for nurses to analyse an occupational health and safety practice such as hand washing, as well as assisting to examine the different types of knowledge available and ascertaining which type is the most valuable. When using EBP, there are many barriers that could hinder a nurse’s ability to find or analyse information to make a decision. In contrast, there are also many particulars which may facilitate a nurse’s capacity to successfully follow the steps of EBP.
Evidence-based practice can be described as a method of clinical decision making by accessing, evaluating and applying the best obtainable evidence (Borbasi & Jackson, 2012).   EBP is a process where a nurse will access research evidence and comprehensively evaluate these findings before reaching a conclusion based on this information in conjunction with patient and carer preferences and clinical experience (Aveyard & Sharpe, 2009). EBP involves five steps; formulating a clear question, retrieving relevant information related to the question, appraising the validity and practicality of the evidence, applying the studies in clinical practice, and evaluating your effectiveness at executing steps 1-4 and the outcome of your decision (Hoffmann, Bennett & Del Mar, 2010). EBP is of paramount importance in a clinical based setting as it assists nurses to make the best decision possible regarding patient care and workplace safety. It is a way for nurses and other health care professionals to keep up-to-date with advances in medical science and the latest evidence for practice (O’Halloran, Porter & Blackwood, 2010). This is of extreme importance in a health care setting as it is a common occurrence for new...

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