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Dx Enterprise Essay

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DxEnterprise - When You Need Zero Downtime for SQL Server.


The cost of downtime could be astronomical for an organization.  The tangible costs alone can significantly impact the business.  When you include the intangible costs and perception of your customers who cannot use an application or service they rely on and trust, the impact is much greater.  As SQL Server Professionals we generally realize there is an impact to the business with downtime, but how can we minimize both planned and unplanned downtime?  How can we ensure SQL Server is available to support the business and help make the IT Department the hero of the company?


Let's face it, as SQL Server Professionals and IT Professionals in general, we have a great deal of pressure and responsibility.  With new projects, requirements and enhancements from the business every week, in conjunction with validating our environment is healthy, available and resilient, it's difficult and no small task. For many of us, our sense of duty surfaces and this means long hours with night and weekend work to properly support the organization.  As SQL Server Professionals, we know managing a few SQL Servers is feasible, but supporting hundreds of SQL Servers is tough for a small team.  In many circumstances, SQL Server DBAs are stretched thin across hundreds of instances and thousands of databases.  Just wrapping your arms around the environment is challenging let alone supporting the uptime requirements that the company needs to be profitable and reputable.
To compound the situation, there are numerous variables that add to the complexity to properly manage the environment: multiple versions of SQL Server, Windows, PowerShell, storage, virtualization products, servers in multiple locations (i.e. numerous cloud providers, different data centers, etc.), clustered servers, stand-alone servers, servers with replication, etc.  All environments may not face the same challenges, but the reality is the...

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