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Dusk Over Atlantic Wharf Essay

  • Submitted by: nata2000
  • on March 23, 2012
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "Dusk Over Atlantic Wharf" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1. The story is about Lata and her husband Anuj. They are immigrants from India, now living in Cardiff, England. Anuj had lived there for 6 years and Lana only 4 months. Lana thinks it is hard to integrate, most because everything is different than in India.
      She misses her best friend and her family and she misses that she could talk to everybody and that she knew everybody around. Now she sees their neighbours as strangers and she’s almost afraid to meet them.

      Now she also have to do it all by herself. That means cooking, cleaning. There was hired help who did these things back home. She thinks that the reason why her dad had chosen Anuj for her is because he has he red passport. He only wanted the best for his daughter but according to Lana, he couldn’t know how it would be. He had never stepped out of India. The problem is actually that she doesn’t love Anuj. The really want to, but he makes it so difficult for her.

  2. Lata’s relationship to Anuj is not like what is called true love.
      Her father chose Anuj for her, without her knowing him. She doesn’t love him. Not that she don’t want to love him, but she thinks that he makes it so difficult for her to love him at times. Her mother had said to her: “you would learn to love him!”
      Anuj cares about her. I think that he knows that Lata doesn’t love him and that he’s trying to do anything to make her love him.
      In arranged marriage the couples don’t love each other in the beginning. But they have to accept each other, with the knowledge that they shall live together for the rest of their lives.

  3. In the end of the story they are sitting in the car on their way home from the cinema. Lata starts to cry and Anuj avoids it in the beginning and looks out of the window. Then he asks her if she is alright. Her answer is “yeah, I’m alright. Let’s go home.”
      It’s like he doesn’t know how to handle it. Maybe she haven’t cry in front of him before and therefore he doesn’t...

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