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Dumber, I Think Not Essay

  • Submitted by: Slatz18
  • on April 1, 2014
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Dumber, I Think Not

Are we really being called the dumbest generation? Just because we have made our lives easier does not mean that we are dumb. If anything it means that we are becoming smarter. At first glance adults might look at us as stupid or dumb because we have less factual knowledge stored in our brains. An example of this could include having to name the presidents in order from earliest to latest. You probably wont find many people that can still do this because we have these amazing things in our pockets that can lookup anything and everything in a matter of seconds.
In "The Dumbest Generation," Mark Bauerlein brings up a statistic that he found to prove his case that we are dumber. It comes from the Pew Research Center and compares the percentage of people possessing low level knowledge in the young adult range and the mature adult range. In 2007 we had 56% of the younger generation possessed "low knowledge levels, while only 22%" of the elderly population possessed lower level knowledge. Lets think logically, why do the young adults thee days know much less factual stuff? I believe to be an outcome of having internet always accessible wherever we are. Like me, Sharon Begley has seen the flaws in Bauerleins work and wrote about it in Newsweek as under the title "The Dumbest Generation? Don't Be Dumb." In her search she found sufficient evidence to refute what Bauerleins said. She found that IQ scores in most countries of the world, "have been rising since the 1930s." Its these are the scores that matter and they measure brain capacity and ability to think.
What makes someone dumb? Maybe this is something that needs to be addressed before I argue my case further. According to The Merriam Webster Dictionary, the word dumb is "the lack of intelligence" and IQ stands for intelligence quotient. Based on what Begley found, there is a good amount of proof against my population being the dumbest population.
Clive Thompson in his article "The New...

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