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Drama, New Boy Play Supporting Notes Essay

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  • on April 14, 2015
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Supporting Notes for My Monologue
New Boy
The book is set in 1986 and is narrated by student at the school, Mark, who does not have much success with girls. He finds himself drawn to Barry. The two become friends, and the book tells of the course of just over a year during which Barry discovers sex with girls and has an affair with a teacher. Mark struggles with his attraction to Barry, but has a relationship with Barry's sister. Barry meanwhile realises that he is gay, and enters into a relationship with Mark's brother, Dan, which Mark is unaware of. Socially, being gay at this time was a lot less accepted than it is now, and being his age and in the location Barry is, you would get a lot of stick for being gay. The play was written by William Sutcliffe.
My character is unfamiliar with his surroundings, new to the school and desperately looking for someone to help him through this experience. Their role could be used to get exposition explained to the audience, having a person not familiar with the setting and having information explained to them is a good way to do this.
To prepare for this role I researched what school life was like at the time by talking to my dad and his brother. I read into who the character was based on and I saw what his personality was like and I tried to imitate it. This helped me to character build. I also saw that the play is partially based on real life so I read up on Sutcliffe and saw what he was like as a person, the way he talked, his accent, dialect, etc. I performed it to myself just talking, just working on my posture, working with hand movements and gestures and finally I did them all together.
For my posture I decided to stand tall and have an open posture, I did this to show that I was having fun talking about girls. I used big hand gestures to emphasise my points. I sat down and closed my gate to show that I had calmed down and wasn’t as excited. I had a loud tone and talked at a fast pace when I was excited and the...

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