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Doubling Essay

  • Submitted by: scottbriggs
  • on March 22, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Article Critique
The Real Number System 1723
Section 302
Melanie Holter
Scott Briggs
The article I am critiquing is called “Using Doubles.”   This article explains the importance of doubling in multiplication as compared to memorization of multiplication facts.   The authors believe using this method, doubling, when dealing with math can boost students’ math proficiency as well as make them faster.   This in turn boosts confidence in solving math problems. This article announces that using proportional reasoning leads to better money management, chemistry, physics and economics.   The authors believe that having a strong ability to use their method leads students to completing higher maths as they progress into high school and college.   The article explains doubling in a problem set format.   Understanding these problem sets allows students to do mental math   quicker and with more ease.   The problem sets the authors have laid out begin with simple doubling and continue on to more difficult doubling.  
The authors feel that monotonous memorization of times tables can be somewhat replaced with this doubling method.   They still feel it is important to learn some of the times tables such as 2s, 5s, 7s or 10s, but once you have a few of these down, using the doubling method, one can deduce an answer simply and quickly in their head.   The article talks about halfing, splitting and recursion being important in their process.   For example, if asked to double 26, it would be broken down using the distributive property and be double 20 + double 6.   The associative property can also be used to solve these problems.   The authors suggest in order to aclimate children to the idea of double, have them go around the room starting with 1 and double each number (ie. 1,2,4,8 and so on).   In order for it not to be a competition, allow the student sitting next to the...

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