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Donate Paper

  • Submitted by: blueheaven88
  • on March 23, 2012
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Introduction for Survey   (paper)

For the purpose of this paper, the primary goal of the customer/product satisfaction survey is to get feedback from the customers.   The right feedback helps you know about the strengths and weaknesses of the product or service so that you know what changes to make and also what you need to keep doing.  

This process ultimately helps you gain more clients that obviously result in more profits.   Due to this reason, Starbucks spend a lot of money and energies on equipping their employees with exceptional customer service skills so that they can deal with all types of customers.

How Questions Were Prepared for Survey

For a customer satisfaction survey to be effective, the use of solid basic writing skills is very important.   Below are some tips to help create an effective survey:
  1. Ask short and few questions.
  2. Use simple and easy words while asking the question
  3. Use short and crisp language
  4. Maintain a logical flow of questions.
  5. Keep the tone of the questions very humble.   The customer is doing a favor to you by answering questions.  
  6. Use close ended questions instead of open ended questions.
  7. Design a questionnaire that gives you a clear idea about what a customer thinks about your product or service.

With aforementioned tips, the survey that was created specifically
for Starbucks Inc. is to show the customer’s opinion of how they felt about their products and service.   A series of questions were created geared toward this purpose.   The sample size fifty (50) people, consisting of twenty-five (25) men and twenty-five (25) women ranging in ages.

The results of the survey shows that over 95% of the customers surveyed have an overall good satisfaction regarding the various products offered at two different locations.   Most of the customers were satisfied with the menu of products and stated they would not want Starbucks to make too many changes.   Other customers were...

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