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ASSIGNMENT QUESTION :Identify the minimum of five public health areas and some of the related laws and ethics from international and local perspective. Highlight some of the public health concerns in Zambia and suggest ethical ways of ensuring improved community health, discuss some code of ethics for public health practitioners.

This essay discusses the public areas with related laws and ethnics, high lights ethical methodology of improving community health and concludes with ethical codes of conducts of public health practitioners.
The initial part will focus on introduction and the definition of key concepts, the main body and the concussion.
To begin with, the concept ethics is a fluid concept. It assumes various dimensions. Philosophers define ethics as a formal study of morality where as sociologists views ethics as morals, customs and behavior founded in culture.Moreover, to a physician and health care professionals ethics means the expectations of their professions, society to act in a certain way towards the patients.One point worthy nothing is that both ethics and laws arise from society’s value system or moral frame work. Conclusively, ethics is a source of law and the function of it. Hence, ethics can be defined as the study of standards of conducts and moral judgment. Besides, the ethics of a profession is the group’s principles or code itself imposed value system.(Burk 2006)
The law on the other hand, is defined as a system of principles and rules for human conduct that arises from society’s value system as prescribed or organized by society and enforced by public authority.  
Morality can be defined as a belief and standard of good and bad, right or wrong that people actually do and should follow in a society. In other words, ethics is a theory where as morality is a practice. This is because morality is what people do and believe. Ibid.  

Public health law is the study of the legal powers and duties of state to ensure the conditions...

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