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“Do Real Men Drink Diet Coke?” Essay

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Describe the specific type of consumer that the Coca-Cola Company is targeting with each of the following products: Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke Plus, Coca-Cola Blak, and Full Throttle Blue Demon. What types of demographic segmentation is each product’s marketing most likely to include?

Diet Coke
Women who want to lose weight

Coke Zero
young men(18-34) who don’t want all the calories of regular Coke, but neither willing to make the move to Diet Coke
gender and age

Diet Coke Plus
women who want to lose weight and concern with nutrition

Coca-Cola Blak
older, more sophisticated consumers who are willing to pay more
age, income

Full Throttle Blue Demon
Hispanic men

Some industry analysts think soft drink companies should develop products that will bring new customers into the market rather than just creating variants on the old. They warn that products such as Coke Zero will cannibalize lost market share from other soft drink categories instead of increasing the number of consumers overall. Which Coca-Cola products are most likely to lose customers to Coke Zero?

Regular Coke and Diet Coke are most likely to lose customers to Coke Zero.
Regular Coke: Coke Zero gets advances in artificial sweeteners made it possible to finally create a product that tasted more like the real thing without calories.
Diet Coke: Coke Zero is also low-calories, but it has better taste.

Why do you think that the hidden-camera videos used to promote Coke Zero were an effective way to reach its target market? Do you think a similar strategy with a viral marketing campaign on the Internet would appeal to the target market for Diet Coke Plus?

I think the hidden-camera videos used to promote Coke Zero were an effective way to reach its target market because the cameras were hidden, and they recorded the direct and real opinions and reactions of unsuspecting attorneys and the immigration lawyer. Thus, when audiences look at the videos,...

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