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Discuss the Role of Forests as a Resource for the Human Population Essay

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Below is an essay on "Discuss the Role of Forests as a Resource for the Human Population" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

There are many uses of the forest these vary from the use as timber, as a food resource, the use in medicines and as a life-support system.

To start with I am going to talk about how the forest is used in medicines. Most of today’s medicines are extracted from the many forest species. These include diosgenin which is extracted   from the Mexican wild yam, that makes cortisone, to treat inflammation and the   contraceptive progesterone; another way the forest was used as medicine is to treat leukaemia and Hodgkin’s disease, this is done by extracting vincristine and vinblatine form the Rosy Periwinkle.

The second uses i am going to cover is, the forest as a life-support system.   The forest acts as a regulator for the atmosphere; it does this by being a massive carbon sink, which is due to 75% of dry mass of wood being carbohydrates (such as cellulose), also if this carbon sink wasn’t there then the carbon would be in the atmosphere as CO2. The carbon sink is created by carbon sequestration, which adds carbon to the trees as they grow during photosynthesis. This process is used deliberately counter the effects of global climate change, by aforestion. Staying with the forest as a live support system, it also acts as a climate regulator. This is done by it having a low albedo, which leads to the forest absorbing the sunlight, then this stored as heat in the water in the wood. This can increase evapotranspiration, which leads to increased cloud cover, leading to more retained heat during the night and refeclting sunlight during the day. Another way the forest acts as a life-support system is it helps with the regulation of the water cycle; it does this by increasing or decreasing the amount of water in certain process, this redistribution affects the amount of water in various reservoirs.

The third point is the use of the forest as a timber source. The timber that is cut down is used in the construction industry, as furniture, as fibres   and in fuel wood....

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