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Discuss the Claim That the President Is Merely Essay

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  • on April 14, 2015
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Discuss the claim that the president is merely 'bargainer-in-chief
The chief power of the president is the 'power to persuade this is the ability to bargain, encourage, and even cajole but not dictate. The ability of US presidents to get their own way depends on four crucial relationships: Congress, the federal bureaucracy, the Supreme Court and the mass media, as well as the issue of foreign and domestic policy.
The president's relationship with Congress is undoubtedly the most crucial. The success of particular presidents, for instance, is often measured in terms of their 'success rate' with Congress, the proportion of their legislative programme that manages to survive congressional scrutiny. However, following the Vietnam War and the Watergate Scandal presidents have had to confront a more assertive Congress, intent on reclaiming some of their lost powers. An early example of this was the War Powers Act 1974, which meant that congressional support was required for the deploying of the troops. This stated that the president can use troops abroad under three conditions: when Congress has declared war, when Congress has given him specific authority to do so, or when an attack on the United State or its military creates a national crisis. The president has however, managed to step round this. This was certainly true in the Persian Gulf, where President Bush sent 250,000 troops to the Gulf between August and November 1990 on his own authority. This also occurred with various different presidents during a period which can be argued to be there “Imperial Period” whereby president such as Nixon was very controlling and the power he had in foreign policy began to manifest in domestic law, the most famous example being the Watergate scandal. Nevertheless even though Bush sent troops, due to this he only lasted a term and President Nixon was forced to step down from being president.
The president has the power to either reject or approve bills passed by Congress....

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