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Discovery Creative Essay

  • Submitted by: magarmon
  • on April 18, 2015
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Discovery – Creative Writing
Write an original narrative which deals with the idea that the best discoveries are unintended. You must include a birthday party.
The lingering light was immersed by the rapidly falling night. The once salmon, purple sky transformed into a vast expanse of jet-black that engulfed the whole town. Yet at the corner of the street, the house remained unchanged. Supported only by stilts, its shabby character inconsistent to the grace and elegance of its neighbours. Its door flung open and a large figure emerged under the flickering light juxtaposed by dark shadows, followed by ‘Don’t go Benjamin’. The sentimental tone evident in the melodious voice. But the arrogant figure departed blithely without regard for the tender values. ‘He shouldn’t have done that. Old wounds should never be reopened’, the old man whose eyes adamantly refused to leave the windowpane let out solemnly as though the times which he ran away from, caught up to him.
The tough times of latter years had wrinkled the skin on his face, yet the old green eyes affectionately gleamed about the times ahead. He gazed intently at his gnarled hands which persistently provided reminiscence of the past.  His aches were his constant companions, not friends, but always with him. His voice was slow as he stumbled upon words at times. But often he was overwhelmed by emotions that had been buried for decades. These emotions, however were destroyed in an instant.
The nostalgia of the photographs hung on his worn walls, were constant memories of his cheerful past, when Benjamin actually cared. ‘But now, now, he left in an instant.’ The wizened man’s words served to console the dreadful experiences of the past minutes. Here in this room, holding a photo frame tightly, he should have felt honoured and proud, yet his eyes simply could not smile. He shifted uncomfortably and evasively, looked away, lost in contemplation, thinking of the jubilant birthdays of his son, however he was...

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