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Disc Essay

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  • on April 1, 2014
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Degenerative Disc Disease is something this is very common. It is a spinal condition caused by the breakdown of the intervertebral discs that dry out and shrink as you get older. When you lose fluid in your discs it is hard for them to act as shock absorbers and makes the disc less able to move around within the back (WebMD, 2012). This disease occurs mostly in people who are obese, smoke or have a hard, physical demanding job. Studies have shown that people who smoke are at greater risk for getting the disease, then those who have a demanding job. Some people can have no pain which is rare, as people with this disease often have their activities limited because the amount of pain there in. people can experience pain in their back, leg, butt, and the pain worsens when they twist a certain way or sit for long periods of time.
While degenerative disc disease can take place in the spine it is mostly found in the lumbar region of the lower back (WebMD). Most of the time when people have Generative Disc Disease there are other problems that are linked to it. People experience osteoarthritis which is a breakdown of the tissue that protects the joints (Better Health Channel, 2013). They can experience a herniated disc, which is a bulge of the spinal disc, or spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal.
The disease limits your movements, which if you are used to doing a lot of physical activity you might not be able to do it anymore. Twisting, bending down, or just making a quick turn can shoot a pain down your leg or to your lower back which is very painful. Many people with Degenerative Disc disease get a numb or tingling feeling in their leg, which is repeated and becomes very annoying at times. According to Cluett, J. MD many people may need a special chair or bed to help accommodate their back pain (Cluett, J. MD, 2012).   Patients will generally feel better if they can change positions frequently, and lying down is usually the best position since this relieves...

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