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Difficulties That Arise When Promoting Anti Discriminatory Practice Essay

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  • on April 2, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Difficulties That Arise When Promoting Anti Discriminatory Practice" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

To the manger, there can be some issues when implementing anti discriminatory practice here are some of the suggestions to difficulties that are stopping this from happening and also why health and social care setting need to over come them.
Health and social care settings need to over come as many difficulties as possible when implementing anti discriminatory practice because
The first issue that can occur is the cost of a building to be adapted to suit all service user, this issue is not every easy to solve as financial issues occur because it is very expensive to do anything to change the buildings structure also takes time to dapt the building so could affect the public who use this service , also where the building work is could not be suitable for the service user to go near as anything could happen.
However it couldn’t just be a physical barrier that stops anti discriminatory practice from happening as the attitude of the staff towards individual with certain needs, which could affect anti discrimination from being promoted because if they are rude towards the service user   and not make them feel welcome then the service user couldn’t not come back to use the service again because they discriminated them because of a characteristic  
Another issue that has come up is that staff could be Prejudice towards service users, how they don’t like someone because of their own opinions instead of doing their job this could affect the service users feeling towards the care given or the quality of care as they feel like they are been giving a lower standard of care due to the fact of they are being discriminated against because of it  
Every individual person has the right to say there opinion but when it come to at work the service users are a loud to express their beliefs in confidence with out a professional judging them or questioning them about it, the level of profession should be at the same standards with everybody this means that just because they have a...

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