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Dieases Essay

  • Submitted by: summergee
  • on April 3, 2014
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Cancer. AIDS. Diabetes. All of these diseases are familiar to us. We all know of someone who has it or heard about it on TV. But I don’t think everyone realizes how dangerous these diseases can be.
Indeed, it is shocking how many lives have been cut short, AIDS is one of the most dangerous because you can only control it but not cure it, AIDS patients will have to take medication for life and any interruption would give the virus a chance of coming back. Even though the disease affects African American males mostly, it does not discriminate on races, ages, or gender. The spread of HIV could be done by: sharing used drug needles or other equipment with any infected person, having unprotected sex, or any kind of drug use that would affect your ability to make safe choices. While cases of HIV have been reported worldwide 97 percent of the infected people were in Africa, particularly in the sub-Saharan Africa.
Statistics from 2010 show that the age group 20-29 year olds had the highest number of diagnosis in HIV. The only sure ways to prevent this disease are abstaining from sexual encounters, and staying away from drugs and over usage of alcohol. The most important thing for somebody to know about how to prevent AIDS is to not rely on how healthy someone looks; since you could be a carrier without any obvious symptoms. Also never take any chances (needle sharing, unprotected sex, etc.) that could cost you your life. It will only take one mistake to become infected. So why take a chance?

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