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Dido Essay

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  • on April 16, 2015
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CMP 2800
Name: Jiani Li
Dido’s Love
In Virgil’s poetry, Aeneas, who is destined to found the city of Rome, falls in love with Queen Dido in Carthage. Unfortunately, the love story finally ends with the betrayal of Aeneas and the suicide of Dido. Dido’s love for Aeneas turns to be the hate. And her oath, made with grief and indignation at the end of her life greatly influenced Punic-Roman relations, which leads to the Punic Wars.
The sad love not only causes Dido’s death, but also leads to the wars between Rome and Punic. Dido’s personal life is changed by Aeneas’ arrival. By the management of Juno who loved the city of Carthage and Venus who didn’t want her son to suffer, Dido fell in love with the man who had survived the Trojan War and sought to rebuild the empire. Dido wanted Aeneas to stay and govern the city with her. However, just before they got married, Aeneas was reminded of his fate and mission to build the new city and left Carthage without telling Dido. The betrayal and abandonment makes Dido grieve, and feel angry. Finally, Dido cannot bear to live anymore and ends her life by suicide. Because of her love, she gives up her life and her country. In addition, when Dido sees Aeneas’ fleet leaving, she cursed him and his Trojans and proclaims endless hate between Carthage and the descendants of Troy, which was said to be the reason of the Punic Wars.
All in all, Dido is a poor woman who wins the sympathy of readers. The beautiful love was broken by Aeneas’ betrayal and ended with Dido’s suicide and curse. It’s the destiny arranged by the gods that Aeneas was bound to found the city of Rome and neither Dido nor Aeneas could change it. Dido’s love for Aeneas finally became hate. Thus, the Queen wins the sympathy of readers. She is just a woman who has desire to love and to be loved. It’s actually a sad ending that Dido suicide. The original reason is the fate decided by the gods. How sad it is that love is defeated by fate.

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