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Diabetes Essay

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Press Release               18th August 2015

Weakest link in Diabetes:   Postprandial glucose
2/3 patients suffer from high post-meal blood sugar due to lack of awareness and regular testing, may lead to higher risk in developing cardiovascular diseases and cancer
Earlier this year in May, Diabetes Hongkong held a “Hundred People Banquet” at the Diabetes Patient Congress 2015, successfully interviewed close to 100 diabetes patients, as well as measuring on the spot their blood sugar levels two hours after a meal, prepared by registered dietician.   Results found that two out of every three diabetes patients had excessively high postprandial glucose levels, with levels over 8 (mmol/L). The survey also found that around 20% of people have not heard of postprandial glucose and over a quarter of people have never performed any self-blood glucose monitoring before.
At present, Hong Kong has approximately 700,000 diabetes patients, which equates to one patient out of every 10 citizens. The number of diabetes patients is still increasing and the International Diabetes Federation predicts that this number will rise to 920,000 after 15 years in 2030, which is 13% of the population. The cause of this predicted increase is strongly related to poor diet, obesity and lack of exercise.
If diabetes is not controlled properly and blood sugar levels continue to remain high, it will cause damage to the arteries and nervous system, affecting the brain, eyes, heart and kidneys. In the long term, it may lead to serious complications such as stroke, retinopathy, coronary heart disease, heart failure, kidney failure, foot ulcers etc.
Even though many diabetes patients monitor their blood sugar levels regularly, they tend to neglect the importance of postprandial glucose. According to International Diabetes Federation, a high postprandial glucose level is harmful to the body. It is not only an independent risk factor for macrovascular disease, but it is also linked with...

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