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Development Profile Essay

  • Submitted by: czycrystal19813
  • on April 15, 2015
  • Category: Psychology
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Crystal Pierce

15 year old Developmental Summary

I observed a young girl whom seemed to appear to be around 15 years old who was at a local mall, in which I take my sister to. The girl had straight brown hair and was wearing a short French-striped dress with matching stockings, which like most things looked exceptionally good in the minuscule size.
She was able to make her own choices, she shows much confidence in her posture but seems to lack it in her self-identity, and she showed much independence. She asks other girls with her how she looks. This girl seems as though she is the leader among the other girls and would benefit from a being a part of a sports team where she does not have to be the leader.
The girl expresses herself to other teens and adults emotionally through her words when she does not get her way. However she also encourages her friends to be themselves. I noticed her telling the other girls to leave whenever they said something she did not like.   This teenage girl could benefit by having a best friend or someone close to talk to.
She seems to enjoy socializing with everyone in the group she is with. She also shows concern for others asking if they are ok or if they are hungry.   She was observed asking a friend, if they needed help purchasing a blouse in a very positive manner and tone.

This girl is definitely cognitively aware of what is happening in her surrounding, and she knows how to speak with respect to others and adults. She appeared to know how to manage her money by just browsing versus spending money like most teenagers.
She could benefit from having more confidence in her looks, in some of the department stores she asked her friends how something looked and they would tell her she looked wonderful but she lacked self-confidence always having something negative to say. This could be a result from a past experience whether it be in school or something someone else may have said to her.

Overall this young girl...

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