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Desma 8 Review

  • Submitted by: liushuo
  • on April 17, 2015
  • Category: Arts and Music
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The whole exhibition really impressed me with artists’ creation and inspiration in their work. But what most attracts me is those artists’ form of presenting their work and delivering meanings through their work. Their adoption of crossing line illusion and their use of color contrast in abstract graphs apply different forms of presentation.
The first work that gives me an impression is called Wings. When I first saw the work, I felt a presbyopia, because the whole work is composed of two-way diagonal lines. Although the work creates an illusion at the first glance, it really triggers my curiosity of discovering what the picture is describing about. Then I found that there were six flying birds hidden inside the diagonal lines. It is indeed a magic work for me, because the artist’s use of the crossing lines creates a visual impact on audience, and attracts the audience to discover and read more about this work. Though the work delivers a massy and complex feeling to me at first, it actually uses the simplest way of composition, which combines only two kinds of lines. This form of deriving complex image from simple technique is really a distinctive skill among other works.
Then, I read a color booklet spreading on a table. The booklet’s theme is to compare and contrast the visual effect created by the same color given different backgrounds. This artist smartly generates different abstract patterns and put the same color pattern into different color backgrounds. As a result, there is always an illusion that we have two different colors patterns with each background. In her booklet, a dark background will reflect a more bright color pattern, while a bright color background will deliver a darker color pattern, which then creates a feeling that we have different colors under different backgrounds. This form of doing a color comparison, using the visual illusion derived from background difference, conveys an interesting phenomenon that what we see and believe is not...

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