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Designing Marketing Strategies Essay

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jose rizal university |
Designing Marketing Strategies |
A written report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Marketing Management, MBA |
Ma. Rhodessa Angelica D. Mapa |
1/12/2015 |


2 Introduction 2
2.1 Overview 2
2.2 Learning Objectives 2
3 Discussion 3
3.1 Marketing Strategy 3
3.2 Review of Other Marketing Concepts 3
3.2.1 Marketing Objective 3
3.2.2 Target Market 3
3.2.3 Market Segmentation 3
3.2.4 Marketing Mix 3
3.3 Marketing Strategies 4
3.3.1 Relationship-based 4
3.3.2 Alternative Strategies Based on Market Segments 4
3.3.3 Alternative Strategies for Product Life Cycle Stages 4
3.3.4 Alternative Strategies by Industry Position 6
3.3.5 Positioning 6
3.3.6 AIDA Model 7
3.4 Considerations of an Effective Marketing Strategy 8
3.4.1 Objectives 8
3.4.2 Costs 8
3.4.3 Branding 8
3.4.4 Effectiveness 8
3.5 Guide Questions in Choosing the Right Marketing Strategy 9
4 Summary and Conclusion 10
5 References 11
6 Appendix 12

Designing Marketing Strategies
This document culminates all the other topics and concepts discussed in the previous reports in Marketing Management.   This discusses the various practices and applications in Marketing in order to come up with the right solutions and alternatives in bringing the product or service to the customers.
Learning Objectives
The goals of this document are enumerated as follows:
  1. Identify the six components in developing a marketing strategy and plan.
  2. Define the terms marketing strategy, positioning, and marketing objective.
  3. Explain the concept of segmented marketing strategies and describe the alternative strategies by market focus.
  4. Describe the alternative marketing strategies by product life cycle (PLC) stage.
  5. Describe the alternative strategies by industry position.
  6. Explain the concepts of relationship marketing and strategic...

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